About Selfless Selfies

SelflessSelfi.es is an educational project designed by Jonathan Worth of Newcastle University’s Open Lab. It has had input and support from people inside and outside of the lab and would not have come into being without them, particular thanks go to:

Alex Johnson – http://joiningjack.org/
Edward Jenkins – https://openlab.ncl.ac.uk/people/b0125098/
Emily Crossley – http://www.dc-trust.org/
Jack Hernandez – https://twitter.com/EurasHD
Kate Green – https://twitter.com/KateGreen28
Melanie Whitehead – http://joiningjack.org/
Patrick Olivier – https://openlab.ncl.ac.uk/people/nplo/
Stuart Green – http://www.bd2.co.uk
Sunil Rodger – https://openlab.ncl.ac.uk/people/a9920279/
Tom Nappey – https://openlab.ncl.ac.uk/people/tomn/


Jonathan’s  Selfie (CC BY-NC-ND 4.0)